Gibraltar here we come

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 31 May 2009 18:23
36:19.80N 4:17.79W

19.00 31st May

Today as I write this, some 60 miles from Gibraltar, it is a day of mixed
emotions. For almost six years we have been "sailing around the world" and
tomorrow at Europa Point at the southern tip of Gibraltar, we will have
completed the circumnavigation that begun on October 29th 2003. A
of relief that it is done at last and elation is just part of that mix.

Cartagena proved to be a very pleasant town. A Medcruise conference filled
the streets and open spaces with suits wearing badges and the main street
was pedestrianised and in places being re-laid but neither took away the
feeling of an elegant town and very few tourists. One night became two as
the wind continued to blow. We even watched a local sailing dinghy capsize
in the harbour. Provisioning, cleaning and exploring the town took up our
time and the last evening was spent having a drink with our neighbours Jeff
and Janine on Papajou II before retiring early for an early start the next

Actually it was still dark when we got up, the wind now very light and we
were away with the first of the daylight. Rain was forecast but there was
little sign of it and we had none all day. Good sailing and a crew now
settling in well. Jonathan is doing most of the deckwork and Ken is red hot
in the galley. Early promotion for both is on the cards.Sailed most of the
day and on into the evening until the wind suddenly switched to the west
leaving us with little option but to use the engine.

Today has been clear skies and light winds much as forecast but we have had
current against us all day slowing our progress. We may still stop at
Gibraltar but we may move through the Straits while we have light winds.
That is a decision for tomorrow.