Aden day 6

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Mon 25 Feb 2008 07:06
11:49N 61:33E

12.00 25th February

I'm sometimes asked what we do all day as we are sailing along. Isn't it

Now it is noon and I haven't stopped since coming on watch at 5am. The sea
is a little lumpy and the wind is fine but shifting so we need to watch our
course carefully, particularly as we are travelling in close company.

We do a radio round up of our small convoy at 8am and then those further
away to plot our relative positions. The main radio net at 9am gathers all
our info as position reports to a preset waypoint so that we do not
broadcast actual positions. The fleet is spread out from the Maldives to
Oman and Aden and takes some time to relay to all.

At 10 am we do our own fleet round up (and again at 5pm) after which I write
this and other emails to send once a day. This morning our fishing line
decided to wrap itself around the tow generator so we hauled that lot in to
untangle it. By the time all this is finished it is lunchtime.

We do 3 hour watches through the hours of darkness so usually try to catch
an hour sometime during the day. With that, preparation of food (Sam's
domain) plus a few routine cleaning or running repair jobs and it is another
day gone. Boring? Never.

140 miles run again and 756 since Uligam.