St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 12 Jul 2009 20:44

50:48.32N 0:51.60W

18.00 12th July

First (and only) mate. Joined ship yesterday, at Haslar Marina, Gosport.
Found skipper busy and sober. Was allowed to prepare lunch before we left
for Chichester. Very damp, quite windy and a lumpy sea. Sailed on genny only
and into Chichester harbour. We chose character over facilities and locked
into Birdham Pool marina, said to be the oldest marina in the UK. We moored
up stern to, with a little help from the adjoining berth holder. It was
grey, raining and windy so the only thing to do was to eat and drink. First
mate prepared dinner with some instruction from skipper (eg how to turn on
gas, where are the saucepans etc). A good first effort (in the opinion of
the first mate). It rained all night, but we woke to sun and strong winds.
Sunday. Breakfast then a walk to Fishbourne alongside creek. Back to marina
for lunch in sun but out of wind. Left marina via lock about 3.00pm and
motored down river to Itchenor where we moored on pontoon. Still very windy,
even according to skipper. Sat in sun and out of wind passing the time.
First mate cooked dinner (again) but now knew how to turn on gas. A very
good day, even without any sailing.

Gardening tip. Home grown runner beans are better than Morrison's. Get out
there and get growing!

New First Mate is shaping up very well. Food good, discipline pretty good.
Definitely shows promise but will be tested on a longer passage tomorrow.
Let's wait and see as we make our way to Brighton.