Our second day at sea

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 24 Jan 2008 07:24
10:05N 89:21E

Noon 24th January

Two days gone and 240 miles covered. This is not spectacular but it is fine
for us, representing an average of 5 kts. Actually very little to report as
apart from one ship last night that passed us over 5 miles away we have
seeen nothing. No birds and disappointingly no fish.

The seas are a little lumpy but we are now well into passage routine and
tend not to notice. We are in regular contact with one boat that is a few
miles ahead of us and we seem to be catching and there is a radio net of
some dozen boats that is tracking us all much in the same way as the Blue
Water Rally. It is a group that are all making for Turkey so it will be very
useful as we go on. Currently most boats seem to be making direct for the
Maldives with one or two others making for Cochin.

Sam excelled agan last night with the second helping of barracuda that
became a Thai fish curry. We certainly won't starve!