St Barbara back in the water

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Mon 6 Apr 2009 16:21

36:37.43N 29:06.17E

12.00 6th April

Time goes quickly. 4 days since the last entry and we have hauled out,
cleaned, antifouled, gained a crew member and got back to the marina.

The note in the last entry with reference to nasty shocks proved timely but
more of that later. The remainder of the cleaning went according to plan and
the skipper was up bright and early on Saturday morning awaiting the
"delivery crew". Peter & Drena, both with boats here, had volunteered to
help out for the half mile trip across the bay to the boat yard. It was a
slow trip as the propellor was very badly fouled. A short wait and we were
up in the hoist and deposited on the slip. No distance as we were going
stright back into the water. The word may be that the Med is dead of sealife
but not here! The growth on anything not antifouled was quite amazing and
the prop had to be seen to be believed. A veritable "plateau de fruit de

Another day of cleaning in this small boatyard stuffed full of traditional
large Turkish gulets and dinner in the small restaurant alongside the water
wating for Peter Coltman to arrive at around 11pm. We yarned for a bit - it
is just a year since he had been on board - before he turned in at the
adjacent hotel and I returned to StB on the slope! Peter will tell his own
travel tale in a later entry.

Sunday was a day of antifouling and making her look pretty. The mizzen sail
went on too. So dinner at the same restaurant and early to bed ready for the
return to the water. This being Turkey, nothing happens very quickly but
once we had negotiated the price we went in the water and that's when the
problems began. We were sitting in slings and then they are lowered so they
are clear of the boat and we are told to start and go astern out of the
slings. The engine stopped dead! The sling had not been clear and was now
jammed tight around the propellor. No amount of pushing and pulling would
move it. Eventually a yard worker stripped off and with our knife spent some
20 minutes cutting it free. At last we were away with no sign of any damage
but red faces from the yard staff.

Back in the marina we now have fridge problems which turn out to be dud
batteries - a little over a year old. New batteries arriving tomorrow. That
with check out and provisioning will give us amother busy day. We hope to
leave Wed morning for Rhodes.