Aden day 5

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 24 Feb 2008 07:40

11:00N 63:45E

13.00 24th February

Well to some degree our prayers were answered as the wind has moved to the
north and we are rolling along at over 6 knots and still in company.

Our roller furling refused to furl so we have spent a damp couple of hours
on the bow sorting it out. ( Sam loves it of course!). We had to drop the
sail but is is all working well now.

It is getting to be a habit but we caught our third dorado yesterday
afternoon so we have fresh fish for a few more days. The line is not out
today. Another boat managed to land a tuna of 25 kilos. Thank goodness it
was not on our line.

The brochure has redeemed itself a little as we continue our long passage
and our best day's run of 138 miles.