Hello Cartagena

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Thu 28 May 2009 17:30

37:35.82N 0:58.71W

14.00 28th May

The eagle eyed might have noticed the significant difference in the position
information. Early this morning at around 1 am we crossed the Greenwich
meridian and so for the first time since the middle of 2004 we are back "in
the west".

We left Formentera soon after first light yesterday. The wind was from the
east so we sailed serenely downwind, breaking in the new crew as gently as
possible. It was a good day's sail with little or no traffic apart from the
odd fishing boat on the horizon. Light wind in the early evening meant the
engine on for a couple of hours but then back to sailing. Jonathan took the
first watch and Ken the second. Both survived and neither woke me. We were
still in one piece when I came on at 3am, just as the wind began to
increase. It had been a clear starry night, the milky way standing out
clearly. They can give their own impressions of the passage.

There had been the possibility of continuing to Gibraltar but we have to be
gentle with the new crew and the forecast was for stronger winds today and
tonight. Cartagena is a large harbour and naval port; we found a brand new
friendly marina and were welcomed in to a proper finger pontoon, the first
since Thailand.

Ken came to the fore and produced a proper sailor's fry up and with an
updated forecast we are likely to be here a second night, leaving for
Gibraltar on Saturday. Time to explore Cartagena.

Jonathan here now. Yes Peter has been trying to break us in gently and I /we
are very grateful.
I'm sure we'll get our sea legs soon and work out what's what on St Barbara
and not dither as long while we work out
which rope Peter is telling us to pull. Luckily Peter is a good instructor
and very patient. Ken is keeping us well fed .
My first night watch went surprisingly quickly. Peter had told us to wake
him if we were unsure of anything and shortly after he turned in a large
tanker loomed up on the port side on the horizon crossing our course. It
took a good half hour to decide that I need not wake Peter. At about the
same time a couple of small dolphins
burst out of the water on the port side and played around for 5 minutes or
so alongside St Barbara - excellent.
Had a welcome break in Cartegena now so should be raring to go again when
the wind drops.

Ken here. 2nd/3rd cook and washer - only joking. Having a great time at sea
. As said the new crew is working well under Peter. The night watch was my
1st and really looking to the next (I offered money to Jonathan to take my
turn with no luck). Just off to cook supper with a recipe from Jill.