Red Sea - day 22 Egypt - Suez Canal Yacht Club

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 16 Apr 2008 12:22
29:56.86N 32:34.44E

12.00 16th April

The crew have jumped ship. Well actually they are ashore with Jim booking
our trip to Cairo and Luxor.The plan is to go to Cairo tomorrow and stay a
day or two before flying south to visit Abu Simnel (?), Aswan and Luxor and
then making our way back by train - we shall see when they return..

While they are off the captain is waiting for more fuel to arrive in cans
and for our measurer to arrive. A complex and arcane formula is used to
calculate the amount we have to pay to transit the canal. In other words we
have to show that we have a very large engine and the crew take up an
enormous amount of space. Very interesting.

The convoy of ships passes close by our mooring. Now the north bound convoy
has finished and soon the southbound ships will begin to appear. We have a
perfect viewing platform on StB, assuming you like to look at ships of

Last night the crews of Albert II, Ilusion, Moana and St Barbara found a bus
to take us to see the delights of Suez. A large and bustling town is what we
found. Full of life and full of friendly people. We were enticed into a
seafood restaurant and had good fried fish, calamari, prawns and rice and
finally we were presented with a collection of booklets explaining various
aspects of Islam. Excellent bedtime reading, not that we needed anything to
help us to sleep.

We're returning the favour and providing dinner this evening for Jim & Ged.
Pasta pesto and a large bowl of salad will see our fresh provisions used up
before we go.

There may be sporadic updates of our travel while we are gone but we will do
our best to keep our readers up to date. Wish us luck!