Brighton then Eastbourne

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Tue 14 Jul 2009 16:01
50:47.49N 0:19.52W

18.00 14th July

Monday. Left Ichenor early(ish) and motored out of Chichester harbour into
shallow and lumpy sea. Good sail in sunny conditions round Selsey Bill and
onto Brighton. First mate acquitted himself quite well by not falling
overboard and not wrecking the sails. A good days sailing. Into Brighton
marina which was large, and well equipped. Skipper sent off to buy
provisions and first mate cleaned himself up ready to cook complex meal of
chicken balti. A good meal was had with convivial conversation. Quiet night
apart from French boat wishing to raft up for what appeared a free night in
the marina. We declined the pleasure.

Tuesday. Rained this morning but left Brighton in the dry. Soon sun was out
and we sailed around Beachy Head to Eastbourne in sunny fine weather with S
and SW winds. Another good days sailing although rather shorter (approx 20
miles). Beautiful views of chalk cliffs Newhaven to Eastbourne. Locked into
Eastbourne marina. Skipper again sent off for provisions to ensure that Amy
will be well fed and impressed with standard of catering on her cruise ship.
Our guest is expected this evening for dinner (dress optional) and all must
be shipshape. Tomorrow the forecast is uncertain so no plans yet (watch this
space). Gardening tips. No gardens were found in Brighton or Eastbourne

Two good days sailing. New first mate has acquitted himself well although
seems disinclined to go shopping. Will have to put that right before too
much longer.

Really beginning to feel close to home now so fingers crossed for fair winds
during the next few days.