Figueira da Foz

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Wed 17 Jun 2009 19:53

40:08.84N 8:51.59W

16.00 17th June

Today is the birthday of the First Mate so three cheers to him! Not much in
the way of celebrations I'm afraid as he was to have a couple of night
watches to do later. We were planning to go overnight to Bayona or even
Muros, however the wind and sea have refused to cooperate and we have
changed the plan and will instead anchor at Leixos half way to Bayona.

Yesterday afternoon by way of contrast, the wind dropped and made for a
relaxing motor sail to Figueira. Into the marina that we came to know so
well to find ourselves welcomed by a couple of British boats ready to take
our lines. One, a Discovery 55 called Blue Magic with Mike and Chris on
board is on its way to the Med in preparation for the Blue Water Rally
later this year. Naturally we used the opportunity to tell a few tales of
our trip, all gratefully received. A quick trip to the market before it
closed then showers and off to our favourite restaurant called Sporting. We
had a memorable Sunday there before and this visit did not disappoint. The
menu is simple, Barbecued fish or meat. Wine, red or white by the jug and as
much as you can eat for 7 euros. First Mate had meat and skipper had fish.
All excellent and sardines the best yet (take note Ken). A walk around town
to settle our dinner and bed.

A later start as it was a birthday and for once the skipper shopped for
fresh bread for the bacon rolls - no expense spared on St Barbara. Our
dinner prepared in advance and we were ready, followed closely by our new
Norwegian sailing companions.

Once again we are heading north along the coast under engine. The day began
damp and still with little wind, however it increased through the afternoon
and produced another of those lumpy seas. They are tiring and slow us down.
A quick turn to starboard 30 degrees (that's turn right a little for the
land lubbers and Ken) and we are on course for Leixos to anchor in the
corner of the harbour for the night.

Some late news from the gardening section. We managed to obtain some
driftwood and used it to construct a raised bed. It has been filled with
some beach sand and bird droppings. We are still looking for compost but
will soon be ready for planting. It has created a small problem as the extra
weight on the bow has brought the propeller out of the water so we plan to
use the cockpit as a second growing bed and the weight added there will
compensate. The water line will change but we will soon have it repainted .
Exciting we think.

Oh and we saw a couple of terns today. Don't ask what sort, our book has
some 30 varieties and we can't tell the difference.