St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sat 6 Jun 2009 16:05

36:44.72N 6:25.77W

16.00 4th June

This town is in total contrast to Cadiz with low buildings and mostly pretty
modern. but it does have charm. It stands at the entrance of the river to
Seville some 50 miles away and it's claim to fame is the third highest
lighthouse in the world - it is impressive. We came mainly because we wanted
to stock up with our provisions - it is only some 18 miles from Cadiz but it
gave us a
gentle and relaxing sail.

Fine marina and a walk into town with a good supermarket to give us all we
need and so back on board for a treat. Head chef had a night off (or was it
a strike?) and Jonathan cooked us a fine steak and onions. Head chef may yet
be demoted.

Another early start and it is off to Mazagon, or rather it was. We motor
sailed for an hour but the wind moved in our favour and it was off engine
and even better a change of course to take us further west..... Things were
looking up, but that is tomorrow's story.