Red Sea - day 24 Egypt - towards Hurgada

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Fri 11 Apr 2008 12:03
27:13.55N 33:50.50E

12.00 11th April

The forecast was good and for the daylight hours we sailed with a
southerly wind, later dying away. Early morning brought the wind that is so
well described below. It didn't last though and we arrived in the marina and
up around 10am. Our friends David and Myriam were here to greet us and we
were soon getting the lowdown. Another marina. We will be getting to used to
this life if we are not careful!

A good day's sailing with light winds, generally in our favour, which took
us gently along the coast towards our next destination. The day slipped by
watching the sea and a little reading, all too soon it was time for dinner -
some very dodgy Kofti with the left-over curry from the day before yesterday
(hey, we know how to live) I had an early night ready for my watch. The
early part of the night passed gradually with a changeable wind but no great
impact. I went to bed around 0230 and slept well. Some time after dawn I
woke up and lay musing and tossing with the boat, my first thought was to
get up to see our arrival in port - our estimate was that we would be in by
0830 - then I thought I would just lay there and doze a little longer.
Suddenly there seemed to be much more activity on deck and the boat was
considerably more lively. Quickly dressed and out on deck, rather than
seeing the welcoming arms of a harbour and berth, the sea was all over the
place, wind gusting over 20 knots and Sam returning from the fore-deck
absolutely drenched from taking in the genoa pole. Humm, something was not
going to plan! As we passed a headland, and almost as quickly as it had come
up, the wind dropped, the sea calmed and we chugged into Hurghada, a modern
and comfortable looking marina, where we were met by plenty of assistance to
moor and a chance for our first footsteps in real Egypt. Much more of a
bustling town, with markets and shops and mosques, there will be much to
tell of our visit - but in tomorrow's blog.