Red Sea - day 26 Egypt - towards Suez

St Barbara's Web Diary
Peter & Sue Goldsmith
Sun 13 Apr 2008 10:21

27:34N 33:49E

12.00 13th April

Off again in the hope of using another weather window to get up to Suez,
some 180 miles north. We may ago to anchor tonight depending upon our
progress. Drinks on Albert II last night as we swapped tales with two
couples on their way south to Thailand. A recent milestone was that of
passing the 5000 miles from Thailand.

All at sea again following a very relaxed day, wandering collecting a few
supplies and sitting in cafes watching the world pass by. Hurghada is very
popular for Russians who appear wealthy, relaxed and enjoying a fashion
sense all of their own. We spoke with a group over dinner who were there for
the diving having come from Siberia, which they told me was a pleasant 20
degrees rather than an artic waste land - big place I guess.

After dinner in town again we had a reasonably early night we woke up at
06.00 and were up, at the bakers for fresh bread and had set sail by 07.00.
A bumpy but not too difficult start with head winds but they have now died
down and we are motor sailing gently north. The next interesting point is
the shipping lane, which we cross in a few miles time - watch out for those