Day 1 - 1st day and 1st fix of the trip

Blue Note
Marco M.
Mon 9 May 2016 16:32
Date:  Monday 09/05/16   - Time:  12:00 EDT
Position 20:24.315N  65:37.589W
COG 350T SOG 6.5kt, Wind 120T 14 kt,
Temperatures: Air 30 C, Sea 25.6 C
Barometer: 1015      hPa
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 131
Last 24h Decrease Distance on rhumb line: 126 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 137 NM
Time since departure: 1d 2h 0m
Average Speed since departure: 5.23      kt
Average VMG since departure:   5.10  kt
Average VMG speed last 24h:    5.25 kt
Intention: sail to Chesapeake.
Distance to End on rhumb line: 1136 NM
ETA: Wednesday May 18, 2016 @ 13:00

Detailed Track (50 is the maximum number of point, i.e. once the last point reaches 50, the last point always is 50):
Click on "SPOT" at following link.

We left Red Hook at 10am with very little wind and motor sailed until about 6pm.
After the tread winds start to fill in and we are now sailing on a broad reach with 14 kts of wind with full canvas: main sail, gib and staysail.

Yesterday we noticed that the water pump was regularly engage even if no water was open. A clear sign of a water leak.
We found that the "Accumulator" (a device that help keeping water pressure even when the pump is not engaged) had a constant drip from the sealing ring.
We tried to tie the screw of the two flange but the leak did not decreases.
This morning we removed and by-passed with a section of hose (the same useful hose that was used to bypass the clogged head hose during the Atlantic crossing from Cape Verde to BVI in 2014.