At a moor on Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau

Blue Note
Marco M.
Wed 2 Jan 2013 03:26
Date: 1/1/2013
Position 12:38.86N  61:23.46W

Early in the morning sailing from Tabago Cays to Union Island for checking out at the customs at the airport.
The checking out was much more expensive that checking in.
65 EC$ for holidays service fee with customs and 50 EC$ for immigration exit fee.
The town of Clifton is small with a nice vegetable market that appeared to me a bit more expensive than the one in Bequia.
At noon I motored sailed 5 nm north towards Mayreau and picked up an expensive  mooring (60 EC$)
at Saltwistle bay. The bay is very small packed with boats. No much room of anchoring.
The bay is protected from the wind but a little rolly because of a swell coming in at 90 degree to the wind.
The beach is beautiful with a nice white sand and palm trees.

Cost of a lobster in the Greanadines
  • At Bequia Port Elizabeth from a guy on a boat, payed 20 EC$ per pound
  • At Bequia at Paget Farm (near the airport a 2 EC$  bus ride, or a short bike ride) there is a  lobster market who looks to me tailored for local and they offered (no negotiation attempted) 13 EC$ per pound.
  • At Saltwhistle bay on Mayreau from a guy on a boat (no negotiation attempted) 30 EC$ per pound

Food market at Union Island

Saltwhistle Bay off Mayreau