At anchored at Almeria

Blue Note
Marco M.
Mon 11 Aug 2014 17:52
Date: Monday August 11, 2014- Time: 8:45 Madrid Time
Position 36:49.822N 02:27.615W
Sailed distance  = 71 NM
Sailed time = 17h 26 m
Engine Time = 16.5h
Average Speed = 4.06 kts
 A slow moror sailing against some variable wind and some confused waves. We followed the cost as much as reasonably posssible (about 1/2 NM) where the wind
appeared to be the less and the waves less.

Anchored just east of the break-wall of the Club de Mar de Marina in 45 feet (past the green buy of the inside of the haror)  on what I think is sand and mud, an area clearly dredged. We checked with both the marina (VHF ch 9 tel +34-950-230780)  and the Almeria port traffic control (VHF ch 16) and both confirmed was ok to anchored here.
A short dinghy ride to the marina where people were very friendly and we left our dinghy with them to explore the town.

Almeria turned out to be  abeautiful town with a very Spainish spirit not influenced by tourism. The Moorish Alcazaba (fortress) is beautiful and with a beautiful view of the city. Unfortunately is closed on Monday and we could only walk around it and on top of the surrounding mountain where a (Rio style) statues of Jesus is overlooking the town and the harbor.
The market is also beautiful with the ground floor dedicated to meat and vegetable and the lower floor to fish.

South view of the Moorish Alcazaba

North view of the Moorish Alcazaba

Jesus statue overlooking Almeria and the harbor

Almeria beautiful market