Stop in Mallorca - Cala de la Calobra

Blue Note
Marco M.
Tue 30 Jul 2013 16:16
Date: Tuesday 30/07/13 - Time: 17:00 Blue Note Time - 14:00 UTC
Position 39:51.19N  02:48.26E

On Monday after having dinner on board while on a mooring at Espalmador we left at 21:30 and start our sail towards Sardegna.
After making the cut between Formentera and Ibiza we had to choose between stay to the south side of Mallorca or taking the slightly longer (8 NM longer) route and go to the north of Mallorca. Because the grib file were predicting for the next day east wind on the south of Mallorca and very light wind to the north of Mallorca we selected the north route since it's always better to motor with no wind than against wind.
The next day there was absolute calm as we start a track parallel the amazing rugged coast of Mallorca at about 3NM of distance.
In the afternoon we could see spot on the coast with sailboat and after a quick check of our cruising guide we decided to alter a course and make a stop.
What a beautiful spot we found in  Cala de la Calobra. The cala is surrounded by cliff and there is a little beach that open to a small shallow lake. Few boats already started to leave and was easy to find a spot close to the shore where we anchored in 35 feet.
Went for a swim to the beach and had dinner at anchor with the sun reflecting on the rocks.

Approaching Cala de la Calobra

Leaving Cala de la Calobra at sunset.