Arrived at Ponte Delgada

Blue Note
Marco M.
Fri 24 May 2013 22:29
Date: Friday May 24 2013 - Time: 18:00 Azores Time - 16:00 EDT
Position 37:44.13N  25:38.94W

Arrived at Ponte Delgada.
Almost did not made it since in the excitement of been in Horta and going to Peter's sport cafe,renting a car  for visiting the caldera, I forgot to get any diesel.
I actually for some reason thought that the one we got (20 gallons) in Flores would have been plenty.
Left at 7 am after dropping Damien and Lisa at the dock of Horta.
After running the "iron spinnaker" hard during Thursday day and all night at 2500 rpm, to get as soon as possible to Ponte Delgada.
This morning my brain woke up and I realized that the diesel would have been extremely low and I used all wind when available (of course today as well from the wrong direction).
Reached Ponte Delgada marina whit the fuel indicator at 0%.
A bit stressful and unnecessary since I could have got few more jerricans of diesel in Horta.

But all good is what ends well.
The 1st stage of the trip Caribben -> Tuscany is officially completed

Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning before leaving for the US on Sunday morning early.