Day 6 - Night of Yahtzee and squall

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 14 May 2016 16:35
Date:  Saturday 14/05/16   - Time:  12:00 EDT
Position 29:57.62N  72:02.711W
COG 338T SOG 5.5kt, Wind 246T 9.7 kt,
Temperatures: Air 28 C, Sea 22.7 C
Barometer: 1012  hPa
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 135 NM
Last 24h Decrease Distance on rhumb line: 132 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 822 NM
Time since departure: 6d 1h 50m
Average Speed since departure: 5.60      kt
Average VMG since departure:   5.48  kt
Average VMG speed last 24h:    5.50 kt
Intention: sail to Chesapeake.
Distance to End on rhumb line: 468 NM
ETA (Entrance Chesapeake): Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 24:00

Detailed Track (50 is the maximum number of point, i.e. once the last point reaches 50, the last point always is 50):
Click on "SPOT" at following link.

The day of yesterday was a very pleasant day of sailing with a wing on wing and the jib on the whisker pole with a sunny day and 12-13 kts of wind.
We did a bit better in the preparation of the tuna. More regular cut steak with constant thickness. We also add some "Mediterranean sea herbs" and cook it slightly less. The result was an improvement respect yesterday but not quite the "melting in your mouth" tuna. So perhaps there is a difference in meat quality between a black fin tuna and a Skipjack tuna. After dinner I introduce the game of Yahtzee to Jon.
Tonight if we don't have much heeling we will have a small tournament.

The night was characterized by a couple of squall with thunder in the distance.
We took the pole out and moved the jib to starboard sailing on a reach on port tack.
This morning, few hours after sunrise all clouds cleared out and the sun was shining again.
We are now sailing on a close reach with 10kts of wind making about 5.5 kts over ground.

The forecast are for the wind to increase slightly to 15-18 kts in the next 24 hours before we will cross the cold front that
is making his way towards us.


Saturday May 14, sailing on a calm sea on a close reach with the new Doyle staysail in action.

Forecast of West-Atlantic for May 15 00:00 UTC.
The cold front is moving South-East and it should cross path with Bule Note around 1pm EDT on Sunday May 15.
The Gale predicted to form out of the NJ cost is predicted to move East and not to affect our path to the Chesapeake.