Delayed departure to Saturday

Blue Note
Marco M.
Fri 10 Oct 2014 00:46
Because of high west winds expected on Friday at the Gibraltar strait (Force 3 to  5)
it was agreed to delay the departure to Saturday around  7:30 am.
That should bring Blue Note to the strait at Tarifa around 11:30, about 6 hours just at the begin of the East to West tidal current and with a easterly wind
according to the COAMP model.
Interesting the GFS model for teh same time predict a light westerly wind.
(Following analysis done on Friday 1:45 UTC)

Saturday 12 UTC - COAMPS model

Saturday 12 UTC - GFS model

After passing the strait the wind will be week according to the COAMP model and from the WSW according to the GFS model.
The course should be West perhaps WNW with some motoring if winds are low.
Here is the simulated course:

Red is with no use of motor and in green with motor/sail. ETA is 7d12h and 6d3h