In Baratti

Blue Note
Marco M.
Tue 6 Aug 2013 23:16
Date: Tuesday 6/08/13 - Time: 12:30
Position 42:59.62N 10:30.317E

Blue Note and Passepartout left Porto Azzurro at 8 am for Baratti on mainland of Tuscany.
As soon as we found some wind, as was agreed the night before, we turned the engines off and started the Blue Note vs. Passepartout race.
Unfortunately, shortly after that Blue Note found herself in another "wind-hole" and stood still for 10 minutes looking at Passepartout sailing away.
Finally we come out (confession: with a brief use of the iron-spinnaker) and with an handicap of almost a nautical mile we started the chase of Passepartout.
Yael was at the helm, while the two Blue Note Italian man were working on the jib and staysail line ready to follow the skipper orders.
The wind was from the north and after a series of tack Blue Note started to gain on Passepartout. The official agreed time for the end of the race was 11:40 and
although Blue Note had gained a lot, Passepartout won.
After the end of the race the "iron-spinnaker" were out again and we finally anchored in Baratti just in time to make the 13:30 reservation at Canessa.
Canessa is a beautiful restaurant on the bay of Baratti with a wonderful view of Baratti  with Passepartout and Blue Note at the anchor.
At lunch a trophy (made by Yael with recycled  water bottle) was presented to the winners of Passepartout.