Day 3 - Sailing in style but with no fish

Blue Note
Marco M.
Wed 11 May 2016 16:20
Date:  Wednesday 11/05/16   - Time:  12:00 EDT
Position 25:0.228N  67:55.92W
COG 320T SOG 5.8kt, Wind 95T 10 kt,
Temperatures: Air 29 C, Sea 24.6 C
Barometer: 1018  hPa
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 160 NM
Last 24h Decrease Distance on rhumb line: 160 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 445 NM
Time since departure: 3d 2h 0m
Average Speed since departure: 5.98      kt
Average VMG since departure:   5.90  kt
Average VMG speed last 24h:    6.66 kt
Intention: sail to Chesapeake.
Distance to End on rhumb line: 832 NM
ETA: Tuesday May 17, 2016 @ 20:00

Detailed Track (50 is the maximum number of point, i.e. once the last point reaches 50, the last point always is 50):
Click on "SPOT" at following link.

Yesterday we continued our effort to bring a mahi-mahi to the table of Blue Note but it resulted in:
    1) A broken lure
    2) A lost lure together with 200 yards of line.

So we decided to beef it up a little and empty the spoon of the reel of the 80 lbs line and load it up with the 100 lbs
(yesterday blog was wrongly quoting ut to be 100 lbs but we discovered it was 80 lbs)
Set another lure in the water and try again.

Last night a constant East trade winds at 15 kts was making Blue Note sailing at a comfortable and fast  reach, making average of 7.0 kts.
This morning as the grib file were predicting, the wind start to decrease and veer to the South-East, so we set the asymmetric spinnaker and now are sailing
in a beautiful at 6 kts with 10 kts of wind on a broad-reach.
The only down-size is that we had to take the lure out of the water since dealing with a fish when the spinnaker is up is not ideal since it will take quite a bit of time to slow down the boat.

Broken lure

The broken lure.

Sailing in style

Sailing in style with the asymmetric spinnaker.