Blue Note went for a trip on her own.

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 26 Jul 2014 22:47
After spending a quite night at anchor we went into town at 10:15 am with 10 kt of wind from the west. We had to pick up Gastone and Stefano and also we wanted to buy some medicine for Yael sore throat. At the pharmacy they convinced us to visit the "Guardia Medica".  That was the begin of the delay. Then we bought some food for lunch. Finally at 13:00 we left Carloforte harbor with the dinghy. Meantime  the wind had increased to 25 kts from the North.
As soon as we exit the large harbor we saw that Blue Note was far away from where we  left her. Blue Note was also not facing the wind but almost at a traverse.
We had four people on the dinghy and we probably we could have make it to her, but we decided to ask a nice old Irish sailor that was entering Carloforte under engine in his 32-35 ft boat to bring us to Blue Note as quickly as possible.
We all board his boat and put the dinghy on tow. 10- 15 min later (but it felt like an eternity) we reached Blue Note.  I went alone on the dinghy and boarded Blue Note. Blue Note was still in 20 ft deep water and I retrieved the dragging anchor that now had collected a huge ball of Posedonia.
Brought back Blue Note to a place near shore and "anchor" again. Then went back into the dinghy and recover Yael and Gastone and Stefano from the Irish man sail boat.

A lucky day !
If the area would not have been as shallow for so long, Blue Note would have moved at a very faster pace and probably reached the rock of Sant'Antico 4 NM away.

Needless to say tonight we are at the marina Marinatour Nautico Sud into the harbor of Carloforte.