In Marina del Este - End of Stage #2

Blue Note
Marco M.
Thu 4 Jul 2013 17:45
Date: Thursday 4/07/13 - Time: 15:30 Madrid Time
Position 36:43.64N 03:45.58W
Sailed distance = 41NM
Sail time: 8h26m
Average = 4.8 kts
Engine hours= 9.2

After Flavio left for Malaga, at 7:00 I left the marina and start to motor sailed for Marina del Este.
Reached Punta de la Mona at 15:30 and anchored at the Hensenada De La Herradura.
Went for a celebration swim in the Med and also did an inspection of Blue Note bottom.
All in order and all zinc are still good. At 17:15 docked at the Marina del Este marking the official end of the second stage.

Course from Benalmadena to Marina del Este behind Punta de la Mona

Blue Note at Marina del Este with her first use of the "passerelle".