At anchored at Aguilas

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sun 10 Aug 2014 13:00
Date: Sunday August 10, 2014- Time: 8:40 Madrid Time
Position 37:24.332N 01:34.124W
Sailed distance  = 122 NM
Sailed time = 23h 45 m
Engine Time = 15h
Average Speed = 5.14 kts
 A nice sail on close hauled during the day with 12-15 kts of wind adn motoring at night.

Anchored in 18ft of sand.
Aguilas a good place for some provision but not a particulary nice or charming village

Full moon sailing (motoring) along the Spain "costa blanca"

Route from Morayra to Aguilas

Blue Note anchored in Aguilas