At anchor at Carloforte

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 26 Jul 2014 07:30
Date: Friday July 25, 2014- Time: 19:00 Roma Time
Position 39:08.186N 08:19.02E
Sailed distance  = 50 NM
Sailed time = 10 h 30m
Engine Time = 3.5 h
With stop in Malfatano for lunch

Blue Note Sailing track

Blue Note anchored outside Carloforte.
Anchored in 13 ft on sand with patch of posedonia (weeds). The area is marked as no-anchor on the C-charts (radius of 1 miles from entrance) however I called the Capitaneria di Porto and they said is ok, just to make sure not to be in the channel. A man from a marina also come towards us inviting to his marina and also said is ok to anchor here. A bit of a long ride to entrance and then to town but good anchorage in settle weather.

A street of Carloforte at night