Large tuna

Blue Note
Marco M.
Wed 31 Jul 2013 12:29
Date: Wednesday 31/07/13 - Time: 14:00 Madrid Time
Position 40:27.55N 04:54.21E
Speed = 6.8 kts
Wind speed = 18 kts
Wind direction = 350T
Sailed distance since Espalmador = 209NM
Sail time (including stop at Mallorca) = 1d16h37m
Average  (including stop at Mallorca) = 5.15 kts
Average VMG = 4.57 kts
Engine hours= 32 h

On Tuesday after leaving Cala de la Colabra we motored all night. Around 3am some wind start to developed and we reduced the rpm of the engine and start motor-sailing. By the time of sunrise the wind had build up to 12 kts and we turned the engine off and we have been sailing on a comfortable reach with wind that build up to the current 18 kts.
At 11:00 the "zzzz" of the fishing rod marked a catch. Immediately was clear that the fish was big since in no time it took all the line.
Luckily the end of the line was attached and after 20 minutes the pull of the fish was reduced that the slow process to bring the fish to the boat could start. An hour late we had on the boat a 30 lbs (measured with a scale !!) large black fin tuna.

After another hour of cleaning the fish we ended up with a large quantity of tuna in the refrigerator and an exhausted crew.
The crew is resting now and as soon as she will wake up we will have the first fish dish of this trip.

A 30 lbs catch of the day on Blue Note

Around 2 am this morning  the wind suddenly decreased and now there is a gently breeze of only 8-10 kts.
We considered run the engine hard and try to arrive in Formentera before the sunset at 10pm.
But that would have required an average speed of 6.2 kts that is hard to keep with the engine.
We resigned to a slow sail and target a landfall at sunrise tomorrow morning.
Now we have only the jib out on the wisker pole and doing 3.2 kts, just enough to give us a landfall of 6am tomorrow morning.