Day 4: STT-NYC April 28 @ 12:00 EDT

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 28 Apr 2012 16:16
Date: Saturday 28/04/11 - Time: 12:00 EDT
Position 27:40.69N  69:21.99W
COG 334M, SOG 6.9 kt, Wind 84M 14 kt, Barometer 1019.0 stable
Temperatures: Air 25.1C, Sea 20.2 C
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 168 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 620 NM
Time since departure: 4d 2h 00m
Average Speed since departure: 6.08 kt
Intention: sail to NYC
Distance to End on track: 883 NM  - Distance to End on rhumb line: 816 NM
ETA: Friday 5/4/12  @ 07:40 EDT
Detailed Track (50 is the maximum number of point, i.e. once the last point reaches 50, the last point always is 50):

Another beautiful and fast last 24 hours of sailing, with 170 nm sailed distance at an average of near 7 kts.
Winds are stable from the east varying from 11 to 14 kts and the sea is calm. The sailing was very smooth allowing to resume our books reading.
We also finished the Mahi-Mahi and the lure is back in the water for some more blue water fishing.
Weather for the next days looks also very good with the winds turning to the south just in time for the crossing of the Gulf Stream.
The engine has been starting just fine now, and we checked the water level of the wet-cell batteries (one check I forgot to do while in Red Hook).
The level was a bit low but all plates were still covered by water. We re-filled with distilled water, just in case.
So all very good, the only request is for a bit more of sun shining since the sky today, like yesterday, is overcast.


 Winds speed in the last 24h.


Louis practising Tai Chi on the deck of Blue Note while she sail with full canvas.