At anchor in Cala de San Vincente in Mallorca

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sun 3 Aug 2014 06:40
Date: Saturday August 3, 2014- Time: 19:00 Roma Time
Position 39:55.256N 03:03.618E
Sailed distance  = 39.7 NM
Sailed time = 8 h 4m
Engine Time = 5.3 h
For the first half of the trip a no wind made us motoring, but in the late afternoon a nice breeze of 15-20 kts developed and let us sailed to the beautiful North cost of Mallorca.
Anchored in 20 ft of sand, excellent holding and lots of room.

Towards Mallorca on a beam reach with antisymmetric spinnaker

Near the North coast of Mallorca

At anchor in Cala San Vincente

Cala San Vincente