Passage NYC Day 4

Blue Note
Marco M.
Thu 19 May 2011 16:03
Date: Thursday 19/05/11 - Time: 12:00 EDT - 16:00 UTC
Position 26:21.72N  68:10.06W
COG 345M, SOG 7.5 kt, Wind 117M 11 kt, Barometer 1007.7 rising
Temperatures: Air 30.8C, Sea 23.25C
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 157NM
Sailed distance since departure: NM
Time since departure: 3d 18h 00m
Average Speed since departure: 5.92 kt
Intention: sail to NYC
Distance to End on rhumb line: 910 NM
ETA: Wednesday May 25 21:30

Careful to those hidden processes running in the background on the computer:
Yesterday when closing my Internet session I noticed that I had 3 Mb of data transfer. And I can guarantee you that neither Jeff or I had downloaded any inappropriate pictures or videos .. I had turned off the windows automatic download, but forgot about the, also automatic, updated of the AVG anti virus .. An expensive mistake ! Especially considering that there are not many way to catch a computer virus while sailing in the middle of the Atlantic ...

Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful day of sail with 13-16Kts of wind on a broad reach giving us a boat speed average for the afternoon of 6.7 kts with the spinnaker up. The wind was constant in direction and speed so there was nothing much to do once the sails were trimmed. Just read old magazine and books.
The spinnaker was up until about 18:30 just in time for a rain squall to come as we were dosing it off.
Of course we had to have more tuna for dinner. This time tuna-steaks cooked on the grill and served with rice. And of course some Pinot Grigio.

It was the first night when we got not socked by rain showers, nice fast sailing with 13-15 kts wind and a
full moon to light up the night.
Spinnaker was up early in the morning to try to take advantage of the wind in preparation to the forecasted weak wind of tomorrow. A beautiful sunny warm da with the winds starting to settle in to 10-12kts
on a reach, giving us 7 to 8 kts speed.
We are few tens of miles from the farthest point to land of our trip: 375 NM from Bermuda and from the Bahamas.


PS: In yesterday report the "Time since departure" should have read "2d 18h


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