In Gibraltar

Blue Note
Marco M.
Tue 2 Jul 2013 22:02
Date: Tuesday 2/07/13 - Time: 14:30 Madrid Time
Position 36:09.42N 05:21.405W
Sailed distance = 45NM
Sail time: 7h30m
Average = 6.0 kts
Engine hours= 6 h

We left Barbate at 7 am and after going away from the coast to avoid tuna-nets
we start to motor sail towards Gibraltar.
At Tarifa the wind was about 20 kts but no more.
Pretty amazing to sail between the two Pillars of Hercules. First we saw the Africa one just as we approached Tarifa, then as we turned  north we saw in the distance the Gibraltar Rock.

Course from Barbate to Gibraltar

Blue Note with the Rock of Gibraltar behind