At anchored at La Herradura

Blue Note
Marco M.
Tue 12 Aug 2014 21:39
Date: Tuesday August 12, 2014- Time: 13:30 Madrid Time
Position 36:43.63N 03:44.314W
Sailed distance  = 67 NM
Sailed time = 15h
Engine Time = 14.3h
Average Speed = 4.44 kts

Becasue the wind prediction was wind from the west for the next few days, we left Almeria after dinner and used the calm of the night to motor following the coast.

Wind was low variable most of the night and morning, so the engine was on near all the time.
We anchored in 34 ft of sand on the East side of La Herradura bay. Just West of Marina del Este where Blue Note was near a year ago.

Track from Almeria to La Herradura

Blue Note anchored in La Herradura

View from the beach

View from the beach