At mooring on Porto Palma in Caprera

Blue Note
Marco M.
Fri 2 Aug 2013 19:02
Date: Friday 2/08/13 - Time: 09:10 RomaTime
Position 41:11.27N 09:27.10E
Sailed distance since Espalmador = 431NM
Sail time (including stop at Mallorca) = 3d11h40m
Average  (including stop at Mallorca) = 5.15 kts
Average VMG = 4.74 kts
Engine hours= 64 h

July 31 - One of the many to come dinner with tuna on Blue Note

August 1, Yael sleeping on the dingy while motor sailing towards Sardegna

August 2nd, Blue Note at a mooring on Porto Palma in Caprera


August 2nd, my daughter Monique during the regatta at the sailing school of Caprera