In Barbate

Blue Note
Marco M.
Mon 1 Jul 2013 16:12
Date: Monday 1/07/13 - Time: 16:30 Blue Note Time -
Position 36:11.03N 05:55.98W
Sailed distance = 55.4 NM
Sail time: 10h20m
Average = 5.37 kts
Engine hours = 2 h

We finally left Cadiz for Barbate. The last marina before Tarifa and the windy Gibraltar strait.
Wind was still strong at 20-25 kts with a confused sea.
We saw many sailboat that, like us, must have been waiting to approach Gibrltar after the many days of Gale warnings.
Tomorrow we will leave at 7:00 am to catch the right tide current and hopefully make it to Gibraltar.