Day 8: NYC -> STT

Blue Note
Marco M.
Wed 21 Nov 2012 17:18
Date: Wednesday 21/11/12 - Time: 12:00 EDT
Position 22:44.62N  67:22.93W
COG 157M SOG 6.2 kt, Wind 282T 10 kt, Barometer 1009.1 stable
Temperatures: Air 27.2C, Sea 25.1C
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 147 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 1185 NM
Time since departure: 8d 0h 00m
Average Speed since departure: 6.16 kt
Intention: sail to St. Thomas
Distance to End on rhumb line: 301 NM
ETA: Friday Nov. 23 @ 16:00
Mahi-Mahi count: 4
Pinot Grigio bottles: 5
Rioja bottles: 2

Last night we left the spinnaker up until 10pm and at sunrise  it was up again.
Thanks to the spinnaker even with light winds of 10-12kts we are able to keep an average speed in the last 24 hours of 6.14kts.
Hopefully we can keep this and make landfall in the afternoon of Friday.
Just over 48 hours from now.

The lure is out of the water since the fridge has already enough Mahi-Mahi for two days meal.
Tomorrow we will try again to catch a black fin tuna for some sashimi.

As I'm writing this it's noon and David just wake up from his watch of 4am-6am (so its' about 6 hours straight of sleeping
on top of the 5 hours he slept during the nights) Now, the amazing things is not that he sleep so much, it is the fact that if is not
sleeping he is eating ... As soon as he wake-up he made himself a breakfast with yogurt and lots of honey, that while Isa is marinating
the Mahi that we are in about 20 minutes to cook on the grill.

Emacs!          Emacs!
Nov. 20: Mahi Mahi cooked with orange, cayenne              Nov. 21: Another day of sailing in "style"
pepper and served with rice over soy sauce.
And of course Pinot Grigio.

 Nov. 21: Mandatory reading on Blue Note: "The Physics of Sailing"