In Cadiz at Marina Puerto America

Blue Note
Marco M.
Thu 27 Jun 2013 21:56
Date: Thursday 26/06/13 - Time: 21:45 Blue Note Time - 19:45 UTC
Position 36:32.48N 06:16.99W
Sailed distance = 58 NM
Average = 4.63 kts

We left Magazon right after the marina office open at 9:00 and we could check out.
Winds were at first very light and we had to motor-sailed on a close hauled course.
By the time we reached Chipiona the wind had increased to a nice breeze of 15-20 kts, but of course from the "wrong direction".
So in order to get to Cadiz we did a series of tack and the more we got closed to Cadiz the more the wind increased.
By the time were sailing in the Bay of Cadiz the wind was 25 kts with gust of 30kts.

Unfortunately the marina of Puerto Americano is not protected at all from the East wind and moreover
it's the smallest marina we have seen so far and not well marked. Like there was no a clear reception pontoon to stop.
A man from the marina come and indicated where to go but by that time we already took a wrong turn and had to make a u-turn against 20-25 kts of wind (Blue Note has no bow trust). We made the turned but that was the first close call. We then follow the man who indicated a finger pontoon.
We had to make a 90 degree turn into the pontoon, driving into the slip with the wind on the stern.
I put in reverse, to slow down, before completing the 90 degree turn and now I was coming into the slip at an angle. Blue Note bow was about to hit the boat on the starboard side. I quickly put back in forward with the rudder hard to port and luckily we turn a bit more and avoided the boat, then quickly in reverse to stop.
Luckily the man from the marina and another sailor had come to help with the lines.
Not a nice entry and a very very close call.
Harbor manoeuvres always have been very stressful and difficult for me. However after the Azores,
Lagos and Magazon I was start to feel confident. Today it brought me back to reality and the realization
that I still need to get good at.


Blue Note route from Magazon to Cadiz

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