On anchoring off Stromboli

Blue Note
Marco M.
Wed 28 May 2014 08:28
I spoke with a local man working as ormeggiatore at the ferry dock.
Here is the story about anchoring in Stromboli:
Officially, as indicated in the C-map is not possible to anchor off Stromboli,
However there were many boats anchored there.
The reason is the fear of tsunami since is quite shallow (respect other area).
However exactly because is relatively shallow, 20-30 ft, with excellent holding on sand is perfect for anchoring and I was told that the
Italian guardia costiera tolerate that and even encourage to anchor there, rather that at the south of the ferry dock in Scari outside the non-anchorage zone where the holding
is not good and the depth goes rapidly down.
The armeggiatore told me that the night of my first climb, they went and recovered 4 charter boats that had dragged their anchor from the
area south of the ferry.