Day 20: STT -> Azores - Jib repaired

Blue Note
Marco M.
Fri 17 May 2013 15:12
Date: Friday May 17 2013 - Time: 12:00 Blue Note Time - 10:00 EDT - 14:00 UTC
Position 38:20.47N 36:12.98W
COG 67T SOG 4.3kt, Wind 90T 5 kt, Barometer 1021.1 stable
Temperatures: Air 18.9C, Sea 11.0C
Last 24h Sailed Distance: 104 NM
Last 24h Decrease Distance on rhumb line: 82 NM
Sailed distance since departure: 2348NM
Time since departure: 20d 1h 00m
Average Speed since departure: 4.88 kt
Average VMG since departure: 3.97 kt
Average VMG last 24 hours: 3.40 kt
Intention: sail to Flores
Distance to End on rhumb line: 244NM
ETA: Monday May 20, 2013
Diesel consumption:
- 41 gallon left
- 64% diesel burned with 89% of passage done, ratio = 1.39
- 64 hours left motoring
- 255Usable range left on motoring
- Ratio of Distance_to_End/Range_on_Engine = 0.96

Yesterday afternoon the wind decreased to about 12-14 knots and we were able to bring down the Jib for repair.
There was about 3 ft of stitches on the leach to be repaired and it would have been very slow and difficult with the needle I had on board. But Damien's grandmother saved the day with her "speedy stitcher".
This original old device that Damien's was carrying with him allowed us to sew through the tough fabric making stitches like a sawing machine.
The crew of Blue Note went to work and in about an hour the repair was done.
Right at sunset the jib was back in operation and allowed us to use the last few hours of wind before it died again.

Right now there is only 5 kts of very variable wind and we are using the "iron spinnaker" at 2100 rpm
doing 4.5 kts against some small waves and toward our new destination: Flores.
Flores is a small island west of Horta and only 250 miles from our current location.
We did a refined estimate of the available "usable" engine hours (setting a reserve of 24 hours, about 11 gallons) and the diesel left should allows us to motor to Flores for refueling.
If any favorable wind appears we are motor-sailing, otherwise pure motoring.
We are planing to arrive at Flores either in the late afternoon of Sunday or the early morning of Monday.
Which one of the two will depend on any favorable wind to increase the speed.
Then on the same Monday, as early as possible, leave for Horta.
Arrive in Horta in the late afternoon of the next day, on Thursday the 23, Damien and Lisa will take a flight to Ponte Delgada and I will continue to sail to Ponte Delgada.


The crew of Blue Note at work for the Jib repair.

Last night sailing yacht "La Cativa" called us on VHF
La Cativa was on a rhumb line for Horta proceeding at 9 kts against 14 kts of wind.
We exchanged some general information and the captain mentioned that they had left Antigua 7 days ago ....
Ha ... the difference between a 12 meters sailing vessel and a 35 meters sailing yacht ...

This morning cargo ship Lowlands Beilun informed us that they had received an email message that few days ago the sailing vessel "Lady Dumina"
with five people on board went missing. We are imagining that this is the same boat that "Remedio Santo" was looking for.

Curious is also to notice that we are at 37N 37W, same latitude same longitude.

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