Summary & Plots: Oxford MD to St. John USVI

Blue Note
Marco M.
Thu 3 Dec 2015 18:33
Passage Oxford MD to St. John USVI
Departure: November 13 @ 16:00 EST
Arrival: November 23 @ 23:13  EST
Total Distance Sailed: 1427 NM
Distance on Rhumb Line: 1359 NM
Total time: 10d 7h 15m
Average sailing speed: 5.77 kt
Average VMG: 5.50 kt
Diesel:  ~
44 gallons -> 0.54  Gallon/Engine-hour
Engine usage: 30%

Fish count:
Mahi-Mahi: 2
Drink count:
White wine bottles: 2
Red wine bottles: 1
         Beer, soda, tonic water cans : ~10
Water: 19 liters ->  ~0.92 Liters/(person*day) - one of the lowest water consumption ever on Blue Note.
A fast transit in the Chesapeake with 20+ winds coming from the stern.
An easy crossing of the Gulf with little or no wind followed by 2 days of 25+ true wind on a close hauled course.
After wind was lighter but always fore of the beam making not a fast passage.