Destination Formentera

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 27 Jul 2013 16:00
Date: Saturday 27/07/13 - Time: 17:45 Madrid Time
Position 37:03.62N 01:31.34W
Speed = 8.0 kts
Wind speed = 30 kts
Wind direction = 220T
Sailed distance = 118NM
Sail time: 18h45m
Average = 6.28 kts
Average VMG = 5.30
Engine hours= 4.7 h

We left Marina del Este at 23:00 after a nice dinner at one of the local restaurant with a view of the marina.
When we left wind was from the west at 15 kts and the marina been on the East side of punta de la Mona was well
protected. After just few hours of motor sail the wind build to 20 kts first and then gradually to the current 30 kts.
Wind stayed to our stern with few shift and we had to jibe several times to avoid the very busy ship lane to our south.
(AIS constantly shows between 170 and 250 targets).
Because been in the fortunate position to run with the wind the course is not only very fast with one reef in the main and no jib but also very comfortable.

Lunch on Blue Notte was smoked salmon served with fresh tomatoes and Pinot Grigio.