Summary & Photos & Plots: NYC -> STT

Blue Note
Marco M.
Sat 24 Nov 2012 03:59
Date: Friday 23/11/12 - Time: 20:30 EDT
Position 18:25.7N  64:45.04W

Passage New York City To USVI
Departure: Nov 13 @ 11:40 EST
Arrival: Nov 23 @ 20:00 EST
Total Distance Sailed: 1490NM
Total time: 10d 08h 20m
Average sailing speed: 6.0kt
Average VMG: 5.71kt
Diesel: 62 gallons -> 0.59 Gallon/Engine-hour
Engine usage: 38%

Fish count:
Mahi-Mahi: 4
Black-fin Tuna: 1
Marlin : 1 (released)
Drink count:
Pinot Grigio bottles: 7
Rioja bottles: 3
Total wine: 250ml/(person*day)
Beer: 8
Water: 15 gallon ->  ~0.5gallon/(person*day)
Milk: 2 gallon
Food count:
Pasta: 5.5 pounds -> 83g/(person*day)
Chocolate: 8 bars
Rice: 6 cups
Prosciutto Crudo: 4 pounds
Bread: 10 baguttes
Tournament of "UNO"
David: 5 win
Isa: 4 win
Marco: 4 win

As the sun was start to set on Friday we had the mountains of Tortola and St. Thomas in site we were start to get ready for
our arrival, when the characteristic "zzzzz" adverted us that a fish was caught.  To our joy a solid 2 ft long black fin tuna offered
himself for our pre-arrival sashimi dinner. No pictures because at the same time a solid rain had started to come down.

Rain, actually a down poor with thunder,  wanted to make the landfall more "interesting".
As we were approaching Jost van Dyke, visibility was down to few yards. Again, great thanks to the GPS satellite system.
We rounded Jost van Dyke and approached Great Harbor, visibility had improved but the sky was still covered and no light from the moon.
Foxy and Great harbor looked extremely busy and rather we opted to go for a more calm and (I was pretty sure desolated) Leinster Bay in St. John.
To our surprised, Leinster Bay was also extremely busy with only one mooring available. Later we learned that the Thanksgiving weekend
was extremely busy in the USVI/BVI with charter companies all booked.
We officially set the arrival time at 8:00 pm that is when we were at Great Harbor, from there we slowly motored and were secured on a
mooring around 10:00 pm.

Overall was an extremely nice trip with easy condition once passed the Gulf Stream.
The last few days were of absolute calm and even if the usual trade winds would have been nice, the calm had a beauty of his own.

Every thing on the boat worked well (except from the LED spot light that did not wanted to turn off,
and the head that was emanating a characteristic odor ....)
It was a trip with several "first time".
First time I swim in the middle of the Atlantic diving into a 5.5 km deep water.
First time we watched a movie while in the middle of the Atlantic.

Isa and David were excellent companions and crew and they made the trip a culinary adventure with many-many meals
(amazing how much and how often these young people eat ..) based on the 4 Mahi-Mahi and one Tuna.
A pleasure sailing with them !


Nov. 22 - Blue Note gently motoring in a complete calm in the Atlantic


Nov. 22 - Reflection of clouds at the bow of Blue Note.


Nov. 22: Isa and David admiring the sunset in a calm Atlantic


Nov. 23: A 4-4.5 ft Marlin.


Nov. 24: The usual celebratory dive after arriving.


 Nov. 24: Blue Note at a mooring at Leinster Bay.


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