At anchor at Villasimius

Blue Note
Marco M.
Tue 3 Jun 2014 17:54
Date: Tuesday June 3, 2014
Position 39:07.289N 09:30.461E
Sailed distance  = 250 NM
Sailed time = 1d 20 h 54 m
Average Speed = 5.56 kt
Engine hours =  12h 6m
Percentage Engine Hours = 27%

A nice sail with wind varying from 10 to 15 kts from the East as the grib file were predicting.
Just as I approached Capo Carbonara the wind had switch to the West at a brisk 25-30 kts.
Anchored just east of marina entrance in 15 ft on sand. Good holding.
There are some red buoy some marking an under water reef/rock.
Shopping is only in town about 1 mile walk