A surprise crew

Blue Note
Marco M.
Mon 23 Apr 2012 23:45
In Red Hook:
18:19.50N 64:51.08W

Well, I was all set to cast off tomorrow for the return trip back to New York alone
when this afternoon a young man walked to my slip and introduced himself.
His name is Louis Loprinski and he is a professional slackrope walker working for Cavalia circus.
He has some very respectable blue water experience since he sailed in the Med and crew on a delivery from Turkey to the BVI.
Louis was looking to crew on a sail boat for New York and he is ready to leave tomorrow, so ...
I guess I'll be sailing back with a crew.

By the way, in the circus Louis also climb poles ... I don't expect this to be a skill required and if we really have to climb the mast I still have my climbing gear but that seams to suggest that Louis is pretty agile and should have no problem to stay on Blue Note and not follow overboard.

Weather looks good and we are planing to leave tomorrow around 10am.