At anchor in Cala Calobra in Mallorca

Blue Note
Marco M.
Mon 4 Aug 2014 21:17
Date: Monday August 4, 2014- Time: 20:15 Roma Time
Position 39:51.230N 02:48.282E
Sailed distance  = 14.4 NM
Sailed time = 3 h
Engine Time = 3 h
Afer a morning visit to the town of Pollensa we motored  to the beautiful Cala Calobra, who we had briefly visited last year on July 30.
Anchored in 40 ft of sand near the north wall.

At anchor in Calo Calobra

Boats anchored in Cala Calobra at sun set

Cala Calobra in the morning

Blue Note at anchor in Cala Calobra