Azores to UK - update

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Mon 9 Jul 2012 08:28
09.07:12, 43:17.89N 19:40.35W

Nice and sunny yesterday afternoon, but then as night fell it started to drizzle and the visibility went quite bad – it is still like that at 0830 this morning but at least we have some wind so can motor sail at a reasonable speed. through the night the wind disappeared completely. Strange phenomenon last night – we were motoring, when i looked over the back of the boat in the darkness there was a great white stream behind us, not the usual phosphorescence – just looked like we were pouring milk over the back of the boat. I got the torch and looked and all was normal so I guess it was phosphorescence of some kind anyway. That was the highlight of the night – but at least we have Doctor Who to watch on the computer and a couple of daft games to get rid of the hours when motoring!

At least the flat water means I have been very efficient and have cooked dinner (or some of it) by 8am this morning.

We’re supposed to get the wind back this evening – then it isn’t supposed to stop until we get home so we should enjoy the rest now.