Arrival at the Azores

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 6 Jun 2012 21:40
06.06:12, 38:31.83N 28:37.41W
Arrived today at Horta at 11 in the morning, our total journey taking us 17 days and 20 hours which we’re pretty happy with.  We only used an amazing 100 litres of fuel in motor sailing about 130 miles – so we have a full tank and some full jerry cans left on deck! 
We had strong winds this morning getting toward the island of Faial which Horta is on – 30 knots plus with squalls going over, we each had a turn in them whilst the other was fast asleep!  The marina is packed so rather than raft up 3 deep on the walls we have chosen to anchor in the Harbour for a few days to await more space.  Been to walk around Horta today – it is very pretty with Portuguese style cobbles and buildings and very, very clean with not a piece of rubbish anywhere, the hillsides are all very green.  The people are all very friendly and polite.  Bought some wonderful fresh bread and cakes – we remember from last year that the Portuguese are good at cakes.  We can see the massive cone of the volcano on Pico island just across from us.
It is lovely to make a cup of tea without spillage and holding on and it was really nice to actually walk around Horta – we haven’t walked anywhere in over 2 weeks, and we are looking forward to a nice sleep tonight with no getting up to sail the boat – that will be a huge luxury.  The harbour is very calm with no wind at all right now.