Fuertaventura - Isla Lobos

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sat 30 Oct 2010 09:04
30:10.10,  28.44.149N 13:49.523W
A couple of days in the Marina at Puerta Calero gave us that chance to fill up with gas, fuel, get all our e-mails done etc. so we then headed off to an anchorage on the south of 'Isla Lobos' which is a little uninhabited island at the North end of Fuertaventura - Lanzarote and Fuertaventura are less than 10 miles apart so it was just a nice couple of hours sail across the straight between the islands.   Isla Lobos looks pretty much like La Graciosa - a volcano cone, rock, small struggling plants and very clear water.  The day was really hot so we did like all the other anchored boats and flaked out in the cockpit. . .  We would have liked to spend more than just an afternoon/night here to do some snorkelling and have a walk around the island since it is all a nature reserve, but the forecast for the following couple of days were for strong winds and big seas so we had to find somewhere with more protection for the boat and us than the island.
It was a beautiful place to stop for a night though - and watch a great sunset over Fuertaventura. 
It's easy to make sure you drop your anchor on the sand not on the rocks when you can actually see the bottom 10 metres below. . ... .although we did manage to get the chain caught on rocks at La Graciosa which took us a while to sort out.