Lanzarote - Puerto Calero

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 27 Oct 2010 22:25
27:10.10,  28.55.04N 13:42.07W
Day sail today down to the Marina at Puerto Calero.  We were supposed to be practicing our 'down wind sailing' for the whole of this trip in case we do decide go across the atlantic- however, the winds have not behaved and most of the time we have pretty much always been sailing upwind or in too much wind and waves to even dare to start messing about with poles and ropes and things.  In 2000 miles since we set off we have been downwind with poled out sails once for 2 hours - but today has added well over 100% to that time.  Wooo hoooo.
Did a 35 mile hop down the coast of Lanzarote with our sail proudly poled out. .. . ..
Puerto Calero seems pretty nice - very smart (but cheap-ish) Marina and a little town.  We have spotted British tourists in numbers for the first time since going away - that's a bit strange, up to now the only English people we have really seen have been other people sailing.  Coming into the Marina at the same time as us was one of the big day-trip catamarans - Susie looked particularly professional in front of the packed trip-boat by tangling ropes around her feet in the cockpit, pirouetting and managing somehow not to fall over. . . it's always good to look skillful when entering a marina.
Adam's beard - should it stay or should it go? - it's starting to get long (Adam is maintaining he wants to be able to plait it  - hmmmmmm)