Passage to Madeira - Day 2

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Wed 29 Sep 2010 10:39
29:09.10,  35.45.60N 13:09.78W
Yesterday there wasn't very much wind but we managed to sail all but about 5 hours when the engine had to go on.   The morning was bright blue sky and sunshine - after I went to sleep for a bit leaving Adam in charge, I returned to see that he had broken the weather and there were dark clouds and rain looming on the horizon just in time for my stint behind the wheel.   It was only drizzle but very wet! - luckily through it in a couple of hours.
Lots of ships yesterday after seeing virtually none on the first day - out here they are going in any old direction, not organised into lanes or anything - there was only one that we had to change our course to ensure we avoided though.  The visibility is so clear that at night you can see the ships from a very long way off - there is nothing on the horizon then suddenly there are lights. . .  so you have a very long time to consider whether it is coming towards you, at least it makes time go past overnight.  A lot of the ships were so far off the radar wasn't seeing them even at 16 mile radius.  At least there are no fishing boats (touch wood) out here to menace us.
The sea has turned an amazing colour - it is really clear like biscay but dark blue, even when the sky is clouded the sea is blue - saw a few dolphins yesterday and you could see them dive a long way under the water where they too looked blue as well.  We noticed today that it is a lot warmer - the air and the sea - but we are now level with Morocco so it should be!
I have found the almost ideal night time sleeping place - on the cockpit floor on cushions and with blanket, I still find it quite hard to sleep especially with the swell which makes things creak and sails flap - but it is much quieter in the cockpit and the air is warm (a bit too warm in the boat sometimes). 
Before the moon came up last night the stars were really bright - we had the milky way over the top of the mast as you looked.
Bit more wind today but at least it is in the right direction, although some of the waves aren't complying and hit us from the side when tea and things go everywhere.
My task today is to make bread and chocolate brownies which I am about to start.
We're over half way to Madeira!