Morro Jable

Susie and Adam (both think they are skipper)
Sat 20 Nov 2010 09:24
19:11.10,  28.02.76N 14:20.98W
We finally left Gran Tarajal today for a short sail down to Morro Jable on the south coast of the island and are now anchored off the beach on a nice warm evening. .  . the nice warm evening did have the added dis-advantage of bringing out the German naturists onto the beach though for a sun-down dip en-masse, good job we weren't eating at the time anyway. . .  . .   Where we are anchored it is rumored to sometimes have very strong gusts of wind come off the mountains in the evening, so we're hoping it stays calm. . . perhaps that was what happened to the German tourists - their clothes were there but got blown away in a freak gust.
Tomorrow we're planning to go to the far south west tip of the island so that early on Sunday or Monday we can cross to Gran Canaria which is about 60 miles away - we got our first sight of Gran Canaria this evening where you could see it in the distance from the anchorage.  We're waiting to go up to the Capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, once the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) leaves - they have pretty much commandeered the marina and anchorage for a couple of weeks as there are a couple of hundred boats - but once they leave there are just as many boats again waiting to get into the port, us being one of them.
We had some pictures from a while back we never put up as we hadn't identified the sea beast and the photo's aren't great as they are taken from a video - however, thanks to Mum and Dad who got us a book on Whales and Dolphins when we were back home - we now think that we saw a pair of Minke Whales back on the Spanish coast!  we had thought pilot whales but they were a bit too big and now with our  new and vast whale knowledge we think that the fins were wrong and the faces too pointy - so - here is what we think are Minke Whales which swam past us about 70 metres from the boat. .. . ..